Dash Cloud Mining

Dash virtual currency, also known as Digital Cash, provides instant and private payments online using a secure platform with an open source code.

The popularity of Dash is not explained only by its appreciation. Dash uses a combination of 11 algorithms, named X11. It provides mining of several cryptos simultaneously or one by one. Then, hackers can only break all these 11 algorithms at the same time to control this virtual coin.

That’s why Dash is called one of the safest cryptocurrencies. Dash also features the very high speed of transactions and the possibility to mine Dash at home or using an outer cloud mining hash power. Also, X11 reduces the expenses for electricity by 30% and the heat of hardware is less by 50% with it. This increases the profit from mining.

The main point of Dash is its anonymity. The developers of Dash believed that Bitcoins did not give a sufficient anonymity to clients.

In order to carry out a completely confidential transaction in BTC, the clients needed to take additional measures, for example, hiding IP address or using several different IP addresses, since all transactions are recorded in the blockchain and they are publicly accessible. For Dash, the PrivateSend technology is used, which makes tracking actions impossible.

Payments in Dash are very quick. Confirmations of Dash transfers take no more than 5 seconds thanks to the Instant Send service for instant transactions in contrast to Bitcoin system, in which the confirmation should be waited for about 10 minutes. That’s why many sellers prefer to use this cryptocurrency for urgent payments.

How to Choose a Cloud Mining Service for Dash

Cloud mining in Dash is a popular form of earning for beginners. If you decided to start earning money in the cryptocurrency market, be sure to try Dash cloud mining. Dash cloud mining is still a profitable investment because the rate of this crypto is constantly growing. Along with it, the miners’ income is growing.

The most profitable Dash mining is carried out on ASIC miners. However, due to the growing demand for this virtual currency and computer equipment for its mining, there was a shortage of hush power and mining fees have increased significantly. Therefore, miners switched to cloud-based mining of Dash.

Choosing the right cloud mining service is very important. A lot of negative feedbacks can be found about the new services, as well as about those companies that offer more than 30% bonuses for attracting new users.

A company can be considered reliable if it has its own computer equipment for mining. To make the profitability higher, it is better to choose a service that does not charge a service fee.

Some cloud-based mining services provide a bonus hash power during registration. It is hardly possible to earn a lot of money with it, but new customers can get acquainted with the functionality and capabilities of the service.

How to Find a Profitable Dash Cloud Mining Contract

The growth of Dash in value has interested many users of the Network. Thousands of people were engaged in the mining process.

This fact led to some difficulties of mining and most X11 contracts were bought. Unfortunately, the profitability of Dash cloud mining is not high now. Expectations are only on the future prospects of Dash and its rapid growth. Below are several brief reviews of cloud mining services that offer Dash contracts.


HashFlare service a popular and reliable cloud mining company with mostly positive feedbacks. It features affordable prices and good profitability. The creators of the project assure that their goal is to simplify the process of mining Dash and other cryptocurrencies making this mode of earnings available to all customers. The advantages of the service rely on minimum start-up expenses and no need to purchase and configure powerful computer equipment.

The company works since 2014 and offers plans for cloud mining in Dash at the hash rate of $ 3.20 for 1 MH/s. Here, multi-factor computer equipment is used for mining Dash. The contracts are for 1 year with daily payouts in Dash. No additional fees are charged.

Genesis Mining

This is also one of the most popular cloud mining services. The company began operating in 2013. Its servers are located in Iceland. Each client can use an unlimited power of technical capacities.
Genesis Mining offers three plans for Dash mining – Double, Ferox, and Graviton. The cost of the package is from $ 30 to $ 2,250 and hash power varies from 5 MH/s to 500 MH/s. Each customer can develop his own plan taking into account the goals of mining. To order hash power more than 10,000 GH/s, a client will have to get in touch with technical support.
It is to note that determining the exact profit is impossible because it depends on many factors: a complexity of mining, the future value of the cryptocurrency, and other parameters.


Eobot cloud mining service operates since 2013 and offers 19 types of cryptocurrencies to work with.
We note some advantages of Eobot:
· Availability of the automatic mining function.
· The minimum time for payouts.
· Earning Dash in Eobot continues even when the client’s PC is off.
· 1 Dodge Coin is given as a welcome bonus.
· Technical support service is available 24/7.